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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Letter from the CEO - May 2018

How JUUL is advancing comprehensive youth prevention

At JUUL our mission is simple: eliminate cigarette smoking throughout the world one smoker at a time. 38 million Americans and one billion people around the world still smoke. Smoking remains the world’s number one source of preventable death.

We at JUUL have an innovative approach to smoker switching that can make a real impact. Our simple and convenient system incorporates temperature regulation to heat nicotine liquid and deliver smokers the satisfaction that they want without the combustion and the harm associated with it. From day one, our co-founders (both former smokers) have stressed the need for empathy, respect and optimism to smokers and their families. We want to disrupt the trillion-dollar global tobacco market and have a meaningful, positive impact on public health worldwide. We think that is within our reach.

After years of technology development, in 2015 we introduced JUUL. More than one million adult smokers have already made the switch to JUUL, proof that our approach shows great promise. But we also face some major challenges and complications, including the fact that our product has become popular among teens.

Let me be clear: we do not want teens or any other non-smokers to ever use our product. I’m not only a JUUL employee, but more importantly I am a parent of teenagers. I never want my 18-year-old-son or 15-year-old daughter to try JUUL. The product was designed with adult smokers in mind and their need to break the grip of cigarette dependency.

We are committed to doing more as a company in partnership with lawmakers, the FDA, social media firms, e-commerce marketplaces and law enforcement agencies. To this end, today our company announced a comprehensive strategy to combat underage use of JUUL. This effort includes supporting state and federal efforts to raise the legal age of purchase for tobacco products to 21+. JUUL will also make an initial $30 million investment over the next three years dedicated to independent research, youth and parent education, and community engagement. We will work closely with Tom Miller, the Iowa Attorney General, and a group of public officials and tobacco control individuals he will assemble on these efforts.

Underage use is never acceptable. However, neither is it acceptable for those of us at JUUL to not fully commit ourselves to helping the 38 million smokers in the U.S. and the one billion smokers globally when we believe we have the ability, technology and sheer wherewithal to achieve this goal. We recognize this is a difficult balancing act, and to be successful we welcome the guidance, dialogue and even intense scrutiny from those who also seek real solutions to both of these important issues. I absolutely believe that together we can achieve our shared goals.

To read the full extent of our youth prevention plan, please visit JUUL.com.

Kevin Burns, CEO JUUL

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