WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

JUUL Order Questions

Can I make a change to an existing order?

Once an order has been placed, we cannot make any additions, subtractions, or substitutions to the items in the order. If you no longer want the exact items in your order, please visit your account dashboard to process a cancellation. All orders are held for a 45-minute cancellation window, once this has expired the order will be processed and shipped with the information provided. If the order has already shipped, we can assist with a return so you may place a new order with the correct items.

Can I return my product for a refund? How?

Please carefully research the product before purchasing. Refunds are only available for new and unused devices purchased within 14 days on JUUL.com. If the shrink wrap, box, or security sticker seal is broken, a refund cannot be honored. Products purchased through an authorized JUUL retailer cannot be refunded by JUUL Labs and should be returned to the retailer.

My card has been charged multiple times. What do I do?

Your order attempt may have been declined. Declined transactions can occur when there is a mismatch with the billing information, incorrect payment information, or other reasons.

Declined transactions may appear on your billing statement as pending transactions. Your bank will remove these pending transactions from your account within a few business days. Because the transactions were declined, they will never be posted or permanently charged to your account.

Unfortunately, during that time that the bank is processing the pending transactions, those charges will be deducted from your account balance. These funds are not being held by JUUL Labs, Inc. and the pending status will be removed only by your bank.

Why was my card charged if I didn't receive an order confirmation?

If you did not see a confirmation number at the end of the checkout process, an order was not completed. Double check your email (and spam) if you haven't received an order confirmation. If you have a JUUL account, please login to review your order history to confirm your order was placed. A declined transaction may appear as a pending charge for 5-10 business days before it is removed by your bank.

Is Age Verification required?

We are required and committed to preventing sales to anyone under the legal purchasing age. To complete an order at JUUL.com, users are asked to provide their name, date of birth, permanent address, and the last four digits of their social security number. This information is verified by a third-party and cross-referenced with publicly-available records to confirm the person is at least 21 years of age. If a user’s public records fail to match or they do not wish to provide their social security number, they must upload a valid government-issued I.D. for review by a member of the company’s compliance team.

For more, please see our JUUL Labs Privacy Policy.

What is Excise Tax?

Per state regulations and based on your shipping location our products may be subject to excise tax, cost may vary by state. The amount shown on your invoice under the excise tax line item is the amount of excise tax we are required to collect and remit for items being purchased per state law.

I live in California, Idaho or Washington. Why can't I change my shipping address? 

California , Idaho and Washington state laws require that your billing and shipping information be identical. If you change your billing information, we will automatically update your shipping information to match. There may be other regulations or laws that come into effect from time to time that mandate similar restrictions. JUUL is committed to following all laws and regulations related to the use and sale of nicotine delivery devices.