WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

How JUUL Labs is Combating Underage Use of our Product

JUUL Labs' mission is to eliminate combustible cigarettes. The company was founded to provide the 1 billion smokers worldwide a true alternative to cigarettes that enables them to permanently switch. Our research indicates hundreds of thousands of smokers have already switched to JUUL, and we are working to enable millions more to switch in the coming years.

Core to this mission is preventing the illegal sale of our products to youth. To achieve this, JUUL Labs:

  • Operates an in-house program in which retail staff are monitored to determine if they are following applicable minimum age laws.
  • Makes significant investments in product development to innovate features aimed at preventing the use of our products by anyone underage.
  • Employs industry-leading ID match and age verification technology on our website to ensure that customers attempting to purchase on JUUL.com are age 21+, while the legal age of purchase in many states is 18.

Underage use of certain product categories remains a persistent problem, and at JUUL Labs we are committed to combating underage use of our product.  While we have made strides, we are working on new approaches to address the issue more effectively. We welcome the opportunity to work with lawmakers, regulators and advocacy groups in pursuit of restricting our product to its intended users.

As we work on new approaches to combat underage usage of our product, we would like to hear about potential illegal sales of our product at youthprevention@juul.com. Our objective is to work with law enforcement to investigate such incidences, as well as to understand better ways to combat them.

You have the full commitment of the JUUL Labs’ executive team and board of directors that these endeavors are among the company’s highest priorities.